Worst Party Ever Show

Well it certainly isn't the best show ever.

About the Worst Party Ever Show

Taking this back to 2013, a party was thrown with 100+ registered attendees and a lively attendance of 13. It was terrible, pretty mediocre, all around amazing, and basically the worst party ever. Ever since, DJ Audits has tried to spread the mediocrity of that night to the world through awful websites, terrible radio shows, and unoriginal About Me's.

The Worst Party Ever show is currently hosted on Mixcloud (previously annoying your FM dials on Hollow Earth Radio KHUH-LP 104.9 FM Seattle, WA). Currently the show is published on Mixcloud every two weeks. The general theme is to gather a bunch of random new songs from the Internet at large, focusing on Seattle / PNW artists. This is throw back to vinyl records, where we pick an A-side and B-side track from each artist. We close the show with the "C-side," our favorite track of the week.

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